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Our company is not a Loan Servicing Business, but our referral powers are to trust deed/mortgage loans of any size for brokers, lenders, institutions and private investors. We have our commitment and relationship with our investors and clients with integrity.

Trust Deed Investments
Trust Deed Investments have long been the best way to have your money earn a higher return, coupled with great security.  Participating first trust deeds drive yields while preserving capital.

How we manage our portfolio:
• 1st Trust Deeds only
• Loan to values that make sense
• Real equity
• Solid exit strategies

DO-AND-DON’TS FOR Trust Deed Investment
By partnering with our clients in an investment strategy based on expertise and mutual trust, we can mitigate risk and achieve our mutual goals. Trust Deeds are one of the safest high-yield investments available if you follow a few basic rules:

  1. Don’t invest in trust deeds if you need your money at a time certain. Even the best of borrowers can occasionally be slow or late with payments.
  1. Don’t invest in trust deeds if you are not willing to acquire the property for your own portfolio or cannot accept that you may have to sell in the event you acquire the property in a foreclosure.
  1. Unless you are extremely comfortable with your broker, use the title company to deposit your funds and demand to be paid off through the title company when the borrower pays off the loan. This strategy will keep a broker who may be experiencing financial challenges from “borrowing” your money. In over 50 years of managing hard money loans, this abusive “borrowing” of the investors’ money accounts for the majority of outright losses.

Instructions to the Title Company.

    1. Demand that all paperwork be in your name. Your vesting and percentage must appear on the deed of trust, the note, the fire insurance policy and the title policy. It is perfectly acceptable to buy part of a loan as long as your vesting is clearly noted along with the percentage of ownership.


    1. Be aware that appraisals do not impart value to a property. Appraisers do not, with rare exceptions, buy property.

      Protect yourself and the value of your investment!   Get an appraisal! Yes, get an appraisal – it has great information that can be extremely important. An appraisal includes pictures, the size of the lot, the type of improvements, zoning, the best use of the property, age and condition of the property, and ample amounts of other useful information. It will also tell you what the appraiser thinks the property is worth based on comparable properties, the replacement value, and the income approach.

      The property is worth what the appraiser says it is worth, or the purchase/sales price (whichever is less), with reasonable adjustments. We will  meet with any potential investors to outline the many ways to determine a property’s value.


    1. Never, under any circumstances, invest money in a second or more junior position. It really does not matter what the loan-to-value (LTV) is, or how small the first trust deed is ahead of you, never do it. Know also that.


    1. You  may have to come up with revenue to keep your investment from deteriorating, that is to say  an REO property may require cash calls to pay expenses (e.g. property taxes) for an interim period until you can realize the outcome of your investment.


  1. We adjust with the market! The market is still in a state of flux. With our many contacts in the field we stay ahead of the curve on these changes. FYI commercial property and high-end home markets are being watched closely at this time.

The more you understand the Pros and Cons, you should not lose your money in trust deeds. Reviewing;

  • Keep your money in the bank if you need it.
  • You may end up owning the property.
  • Keep your broker honest; use the title company.
  • Demand paperwork in your name.
  • Understand how value is determined.
  • Invest in first trust deeds only.
  • Be aware of the occasional requirement for the temporary investment of additional funds.
  • Adjust with the market.

The (from the California Department of Real Estate):

1. Knowledge, experience and integrity of the Mortgage Loan Broker through whom the transaction may be arranged.
2.  Market value and equity in the property and the security for your loan.
3.  Borrower’s financial standing and credit-worthiness.
4.  Escrow process involving the funding of the loan or the purchase of the promissory note.
5.  Documents and instruments describing, evidencing, and securing the loan or purchase of the promissory note.
6.  Loan servicing provisions, authority and compensation.
7.  Recovering your investment when the borrower fails to pay.

Click here to view the entire California Department of Real Estate’s article:
Trust Deed Investments – What You Should Know!

Hard Money loans [ back to top ]

PS Real Estate Funding
specializes in Hard Money loans, offering clients fast responses  professional service proven success rate for closing private money loans quickly, we provide solutions, options that assist our clients in developing successful real estate projects.

Interim & Bridge Loans, Financing which allows a borrower to close a short-term loan (12-18 months) quickly to meet tight deadlines or to have time to re-position a property in order to arrange for permanent financing.

Development & Construction Loans
Financing for land development, commercial buildings and residential properties. These transactions may include re-developments or new construction of horizontal and/or vertical improvements.

Investments/Rehab Loans
Financing for residential and commercial rehabs / re-developments where a value-add opportunity exists.

Acquisition/Reposition Loans
Financing for acquisitions (purchase money) asset repositioning, property re-leasing, capital improvements – that will increase real estate values.

Refinance Loans/Cash-Out
Financing for the refinance of and/or cash-out of the equity in a property. Leveraging a property and taking cash out is often used to enable an investor to take advantage of new opportunities that present themselves.

Our Clients:
Real Estate Investors · Developers · Builders
Rehabbers · Realtors · Brokers · Contractors

Loan Types:

  • Acquisition
  • Development
  • Interim
  • Bridge
  • Rehab
  • Re-Development
  • Construction
  • Refinance (non-owner occupied only)
  • Cash-Out
Property Types:

  • Residential (non-owner occupied only)
  • Retail
  • Multi-Family
  • Industrial
  • Mixed Use
  • Land
PS Real Estate Funding.
We provide investor make connection and information about the higher level percentage rates and vehicles that limit risk and maximize profit return.

We consider investment strategy and add new components to single out the niche markets, Leverage comes from a well balanced strategy and one may be able to capitalize on greater opportunities. After and during the  upside-down, economy a few features are available with high quality returns after American Assets have been repositioned. Buy using the real estate principles and factors of processing, we can decrease the loan factor of cost of investing in real estate notes or  trust deeds.

Real Estate Note Investment
Net Worth Assets of $ 500,000 qualifies you to be a Ca investor for real estate notes and trust deeds, investments which require a minimum investment of $ 50,000.

Typical Returns earn 11% – 16% annually which is a much higher percentage than that of fixed rate investments on those dangerous stock investments.  Invest in higher returns

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Your San Diego Source for Private Mortgage Financing

Up to 70% LTV 
Non-Owner-Occupied SFRs, REOs, Short-Sales
No FICO minimum
Fast and Flexible
Jumbo Loans 
NO Pre-Payment Penalty
Foreign Nationals OK 

Call us 1 855 429 2011
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Commercial Programs [ back to top ]
We partner with large commercial brokers to GET YOUR COMMERCIAL DEALS DONE. Many banks are now quoting deals, but not closing deals.   We have lenders that still want to CLOSE DEALS.

we’re here to fund your deal.

Single Tenant – Multi Tenant

Anchored or Unanchored Retail

Multi Family – Warehouse – Industrial

Owner User Properties

SBA 504 & 7a

Non SBA Small Business Loans

Acquisition and Development


Church Financing

Non-Recourse Commercial Financing

100% Financing for Professionals

Securities Loans

IRA Financing and Consulting
-Avoid Tax Penalties

We have the resources in place to provide the great rates and flexibility of a broker with the underwriting knowledge of direct lenders.  We will help structure the deal. We can often get the loan approved with banks and lenders that you would be unable to. We are now correspondents with  lenders and many several national banks– which means  better pricing. We also have access to  nationwide lenders and to Wall Street money.

As the money market system evolves to balance the economy trends, we mush change our “ last years strategies: to compensate for the real estate “Roadblocks” that become apparent with the economic adjustments. 

This greater network process in our businesses,  keeps pushing our success rate to higher levels because the answers and solutions are available and out there within our team intellect and associates.

We take our client situation as a challenge to prove our worthiness and ability to make the principles of real estate work in the most successful and beneficial ways possible to establish a financial gains investment for our clients.

It is all about relationships.  We have been working with some of our investors for over 20 years.  We specialize in finding the right match between investor and loan request.   This unique level of trust let’s us deliver on our commitments.  See what we mean when we say…

WHY WAIT,.. WE DO IT RIGHT. Call Today !  Toll Free 1 855 429 2011

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